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How to place ads On LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn ads can help your business reach a strong professional audience. Not only are LinkedIn members influential, they even have twice the buying power of the typical web crowd.

In the recent updates, LinkedIn has changed its interface for ads now you can set objectives as per your wants same as social media platform like Facebook ads managers. That means advertisers can now run campaigns aro

und clearly defined goals, such as brand awareness, lead generation, or engagement.

Step 1

Go on Your LinkedIn Account on the right side there is an option Advertise click on that

Then you will gonna land on LinkedIn campaign manager


Step 2

Click on Create Account then

- Give Account name(As per you)

- Choose Currency (As per your Country)

- Associate a LinkedIn Page with your account (optional)

Some campaigns require a LinkedIn Page to use. (Paste Your URL )

After that click on Save.

Step 3

LinkedIn Provides your Default Campaign Group but doesn't go with that

Click on create Campaign Group

Campaign groups allow you to control the budget, run dates, status, and reporting across multiple campaigns. After campaigns are launched, they cannot be moved to a different Campaign Group.

- Campaign group name:- Name your Campaign as per you.

- Ads Schedule:- You can Schedule Ads As per your Requirement.

* Run continuously from a start date.

* Set a start and end date.

* Set a start and end date with a budget.

Total budget:- Total budget is the maximum amount that you will spend in your Campaign Group. All campaigns under the Campaign Group will stop running once the Campaign Group budget is reached.

- When set, you are required to maintain a minimum unspent budget in order to launch new campaigns.

- If set, all campaign budgets within this group must be within the total budget amount.

- If not set, you will track budgets across individual campaigns.

Step 4

Click on your campaign name

Then click on Create Campaign

Edit your Campaign Name

Set Your Objective

Set your Audience:-

Where is your target audience?


Who is your target audience?

Start building your audience by searching for attributes of professionals you want to reach

Ads Format:-

1 Single image ad

2 Carousel image ad

3 Video ad

4 Text ad

5 Spotlight ad

6 Follower ad

7 Conversation ad


LinkedIn Audience Network

Reach up to 25% more of your target audience by running your ads on LinkedIn and our partner apps and websites.

Budget & Schedule:

Set your budget as per you and your targeting and schedule it as per that

Conversion tracking (optional)

Measure the actions members take on your website after clicking or viewing your LinkedIn ad.

Step 5

Set up your Ads by Filling all the details as per your ad.

- Name this ad (optional)

- Introductory text

- Destination URL

- Article share

* Ad image

* Headline

* Description

* Call to Action

Review & Launch

You’re almost there! Let’s review your campaign settings.

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