A Logo talks a lot about the brand. It's the foundation of the brand as a whole. The identity of your brand is the first aspect that would attract the right audience. It also determines how your brand is perceived by the audience. Everything from the top to the bottom will be covered by us. Promoting your brand, advertising it, planning shoots for promotion and much more will be done by our company.

Below are some of the services we offer under branding specifically: 


  •  Brand Naming

  •  Logo Design

  •  Stationery design

  •  Signage design

  •  Business development



Gain full momentum through our Digital Marketing and Social Media Services. We will strategize your online presence growth through brand collaborations, promotional shoots, and trendy concepts, build an audience for your brand at a very feasible cost.

Services offered by Break The Code:

  • Social Media Creatives

  • Social Media Management

  • Blogger Associations

  • Strategy & Positioning

  • Copywriting

  • Photography

  • Ads Strategy

  • Collaborations

All you need to start a brand is your Brand Identity and your Social Media Handles and these alone can get you a lot of business opportunities. 



We at Break The Code produce e-commercial shoots and films for the upcoming as well as flourishing brands for promotion. We also curate content for our associated brands on all platforms accessible. As a company, we have started collaborations with brands since 2018 and our associated clients have been recurring since then in various aspects. Shoots on a large scale and small scale both are done under our production house.
Here is a list of services that come under Production with
Break The Code:

  • e-Commerce Shoots

  • Lifestyle Shoots

  • Fashion Shoots

  • Product Photography

  • Food Photography

  • Ad Films

  • Videography



Graphic Design

Graphic Designs are the communication designs a.k.a face of your brand. Our team of graphic designers will understand the requirements, and curate quality graphical content that is in sync with your brand.
We will go through the process of research, planning and pitching ideas to bring you the creative content that appeals you and your target clients.


The following list consists of our Graphic Design services: 

• Brochures

• Invitation designs

• Exhibition displays

• Personalized designs

• Ad designs

• Flyers 


The communication collateral will boost the promotion and sales of the product to make it look visually very appealing and eye catchy.

Website Design

Living in a world where everything is digitalized, having a company or a business, it would be incomplete without a proper website because of which as a company you may miss out of great business opportunities. 


Website designs consist of the following services:

  • Website designs App designing

  • Web development 

  • Photography

  • Web banners 


Your website is more of a digital guidebook for your company. Just as our website is for you right now. However, its just not about designing your website and putting it up there. Its more like several other aspects of your company is dependent on your website. 

 While making a website, using a lot of elements and complicating it is like a big red danger sign.  When you make a website it needs to be to the point, understand, simple yet classy and most of all it needs to be technology and user-friendly. You would want your clients to be well informed and well served before getting in touch with them. Here at Break The Code we've got just the solution! 



A vast and diverse database of Influencers, across channels and categories, are held by Break The Code.

We run extensive campaigns across brands and help you get connected with micro as well as macro-influencers from the industry.

Holding an Influencing campaign for your brands helps you to reach a wider audience through niche engagement and build good offline connections through online relationships.

Our scope of work involves:

  • Identifying and developing relationships with key bloggers and online influencers.

  • Developing global influencer marketing strategies.

  • Reach out to Influencers directly and coordinate for the brands till the end results.



Break The Code’s founder and co-founder are models by profession themselves. Our company also has many artist and models working with us. If a certain brand requires new faces for the brand promotion we have many such models whom we recommend to the brands for promotion.  We also arrange models for photo shoots as per the brand requirements. The artists and models get a good exposure in the desired field they wish to work in.



We as a company have own productions and we do organize events as well. We have our team working on making the events we manage a rocking one. Be it birthday celebrations, cocktail parties or any family function we've got it all figured. We also make personalized gifts for the required occasions.



​Animation and VFX have witnessed a humongous growth in the film industry. Designing, animation that's what social media is all about. Digital marketing, media advertising firms are more likely inclined towards animation and VFX. We have an efficient team of people working on up coming trendy and unique as per the clients requirements and their brand.

Here is a list of services under Animation with Break The Code:

  • 2D Character Animation

  • 2D Motion Graphics Animation

  • 2.5D Animation

  • Whiteboard Animation

  • 3D Animation

  • Stop Motion

  • Typography

  • Screencast

  • Infographics

Coming up with new ideas, making your website look creative, appealing and help you reach out to your target audience is what we would provide.


We are a one-stop-shop solution. Breaking stereotypes, exploring the media world, influencing the audience and much more. We provide solutions like Influencer Marketing, Social Media, Content Creation, Public Relations, Design, Animation & Talents. All in all, we provide 360 degrees of Digital Marketing. solutions. Let's thrive together because we have got you completely covered.

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