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What is Email Marketing? Why Email marketing is important?

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is nothing but Selling your product or services through the mail. Email marketing can allow you to make targeted and personalized messages. This will assist you to create meaningful relationships with your customers. It also can improve response rates to your marketing campaigns.

It is also important not to overuse E-mail marketing because it creates a bad image of a brand in the customer's mind he gets frustrated with continuous email or unwanted emails.

Why Email Marketing Is Important?

When you sent a mail to your customer after they purchase something or in the future, you have some new product which you wanted to sell so with the help of email marketing it is easy to sell them.

  • Sending emails with the aim of enhancing the connection of a merchant with its current or previous customers and to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.

  • Sending emails with the aim of acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to get something immediately.

  • Adding advertisements to emails sent by other companies to their customers.

Few Factors why to choose email marketing:-

1 Pricing for email marketing:-

Email marketing is very cheap as compare to other means and there are no two ways about can do it with the help of a Marketing Agency. Mailing to hundreds of your customers via email marketing will cost you like needles in the hay.

2 Targeted and personalized Mail:-

Email marketing helps you to provide a Personalised mail to your audience or customer . Email marketing allows you to segment your customers into different lists supported their preferences to send highly personalized content. From crafting the right subject line to pictures that resonate together with your customer, and valuable content that helps your audience, email is that the perfect channel to drive engagement.

3 Boost sales

Email marketing provides an excellent opportunity for impulse buying. You'll entice a customer to form another purchase during a few ways:

Feature items that are often purchased alongside the products the customer bought.

* List similar items to the customer’s past purchases.

* Create a special offer or discount for future purchases.

* Customers often act on impulse once they get an email letting them realize a relevant product which is said to their previous purchase. This is often very true if there's a relevant promotion.

4 Good Customer Relationships

Your customers appreciate an honest email. The time and energy it takes to draft the right email don’t go unnoticed. They need to understand w

hat’s happening together with your business, and the way they will become involved.

It’s nearly impossible to succeed in bent all of your customers face to face or by phone. Email marketing campaigns bridge that gap. you'll even found out a drip marketing campaign to assist you to smooth the method.

5 Establish authority

When you run your own business, your goal is to be seen as an expert in your industry. Establish that to position yourself and your business because of the authority within the eyes of your customers.

Your customers have signed up for your marketing newsletters because they need to listen to you. They just like the content you send and keeping them engaged is one of the most important wins for any email marketer. Your content is one of your most precious marketing tools and you'll use it to create other areas of your marketing strategy. If people love what you are doing, then they're going to check in to ascertain more great content.

So yes… Email marketing is a vital component in many industries, especially for creating those important customer-firm relationships. Learn to use it well and it will definitely bump up your company’s success.

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