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Why ORM is Important for your Brand? Tools you can use for ORM.

The abbreviation of ORM is Online reputation management. Online reputation management involves a mixture of selling, PR, legal and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to market, protect and defend your online image or business reputation

The factor that Influences your online image

Your online reputation is impacted by what you post online, the review you get from your audience, how you interact with them, solve their a problem on online platforms and what others say about you or your business online. The entire amount and visibility of positive, negative, and neutral content when people search online for your name, company, brand, products, or services determine your online reputation.

We live in an era of radical transparency and therefore the first impression for a private or business is usually online. the thought of privacy — our own and others’– is changing in very dramatic ways. it's scary navigating this brave new world. What we see online isn't a mirror of reality but a distortion of reality.

We help our clients regain control over how their name or brand is seen online and restore what may are lost along the way.

Why every brand requires to manage their online reputation?

The answer is YES. Because every brand that has its presence on online platforms has to maintain its reputation Digitally to increase there sales and want to have growth in their business.

Consumers today are also looking for organic interactions with companies. They want to hear directly from businesses in personalized conversations, such as a direct message or an Instagram Comment.

With online reputation management, your business combats negative claims by addressing them directly and openly.

Tools that will help you to maintain your online reputation management.

The ability to trace what people say about you online has several benefits.

You can leave timely feedback on comments about you. It can help improve your products and services.

Most of all, monitoring what people say about you online will assist you maintain an honest reputation.

1. Google Alerts

Google has several valuable free tools for marketers and SEO pros, and Google Alerts is one among them. If you’re a seasoned marketer, then you almost certainly already know and use it, either for monitoring your brand or for content creation.

2 Social mention

Social Mention monitors quite 80 social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

The results also display the subsequent information to assist you measure, monitor, and improve your brand’s reputation:

- Strength

- Sentiments

- Passion

- Reach

3 MeltWater

Today, Meltwater goes beyond press monitoring by adding social media listening into the combination with real-time analytics. It still offers the most important global media database, so you'll make certain you’ll see all of your mentions within the journalism too.

4 Reputation Ranger

Created for four niche industries — restaurants and bars, hotels and travel, automotive sales and services, and plumbers and residential contractors — Reputation Ranger monitors Facebook and industry-related sites to make alerts and reports.

5 Review Push

This online review management software helps businesses with multiple locations to watch social media and popular review sites (e.g., Facebook, Yelp, Google, Yellowpages, Foursquare).


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