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How to create Catalog for Instagram?

Step 1

Go on Facebook ads manager than on the left-hand side there is an option Facebook Ads click on that

then go to the Catalog manager

Step 2

Click on create catalog .

After that, you need to select your catalog type.

- Ecommerce (Products sold online)

- Travel (Hotels and vacation properties, flights or destinations)

- Real Estate (Rental properties and real estate listings)

- Auto (Different tiers of the auto market)

Select your type of catalog

I am selecting E-Commerce Because we are doing this for online stores

After that, you need to configure settings

You need to add some details to set up your catalog

There are 2 ways to upload:-

Upload Product (Add products using a form, data feed or Facebook pixel)

Connect E-commerce Platform (Automatically import products from your e-commerce platform)

- Catalog Owner:- Link your page

- Catalog Name:- As per product

- Website (Optional )

Finish :-

Add Products to Your Catalog

Add Manually

Fill in a form to add items to your catalog one at a time.

Recommended for a small inventory that rarely changes.

Use Bulk Upload

Upload a file, set up a scheduled feed, or use a Google spreadsheet to add multiple items.

Recommended for a large inventory that changes regularly.

Use a Pixel

Use your pixel to automatically update the items in your catalog each time someone visits them.

Recommended for a large inventory that changes hourly or daily.

Now you need to add all the information about your product.

Add Products Manually

Essential Information

Add the title, images and description that best describes this product.

- Name

- Description

- Content ID (Optional)

Add an SKU or other unique identifier you already use for this product, if you want to retarget people

who show interest in it.

- Website link

Add a link to the website page where people can view more details and buy this product.

- Price

Add the same price for this product that you show on your website.

After that click on add product

Click on sales than

Instagram shopping

1. Connect a Business Account Owner

Your catalog needs to be owned by a business account. You can create one in Business Manager.

2. Add Your Products

Add items to your catalog that you want to tag in your posts and stories.

3. Connect an Instagram Profile

Connect your Instagram business profile so you can access your catalog on Instagram.

Then all set. Check your IG account there's an option will appear for product Tagging.

Do this for all your product .

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