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Corona Brings Days of Likes.

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Basic necessities have changed over centuries with the addition of entertainment & social media. At the start of the 18th century till today the speed of revolution has reached 5G. The stressed work environment, the rat race for always more created problems & people started finding the self-time with entertainment now with social media.

This is highlighted in the current scenario when the Corona Virus has shut down hotels, theatres & even ongoing shoots. The people started moving to social media in large numbers, spending more time than normal.

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soicial media tree

Content creators’ communities over social media apps like YouTube, TikTok, etc. started taking advantage of the situation. They are on their toes in creating new videos & episodes for increased viewership. New trends like #CoronaKhushKarona are coming up daily & Trending social media platforms.

Normally, working-class or students only watch videos during their travel time. As office people working from home & educational institutes are on lockdown there is a sharp rise in the viewership of content. Though it’s a bad time for producers & directors it’s a golden opportunity for online content creators. India is one of the countries with the highest youth population & internet users, which is a reason the number of content creators is always skyrocketed. They broke the barriers of stereotyped content & started giving hot & fresh content which is a need of time. Content like photography, funny videos or how-to kind of videos raising the bar of views.

For the viewers who always looking for something new, the routine movies & shows become boredom. Digital content creators are taking advantage of the situation. If you are one of them, start pushing your efforts as Apna Time Aa Gya Hai…..


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