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Best Free Instagram Schedulers In 2020

Some of the Best Instagram Scheduling Software you can use for your brand:-


Hootsuite is another household name within the world of social media scheduling tools. And, very similar to Sprout Social, it's all kinds of features you didn’t even know you needed.

As you’d expect, HootSuite allows you to bulk upload and schedule many social media posts all directly. Want to schedule content while you’re on the train or waiting at the dentist office? HootSuite’s browser extension and mobile app make it easy to try to so from wherever you're.

Another cool feature of HootSuite is that it empowers you to seek out relevant content that you simply can share or repost. you'll search by hashtag, location, or keyword to seek out existing posts that you simply can curate and share to your own account.

The Hootsuite free plan is pretty common for little businesses with simple needs.

Cons: It seems like HootSuite offers fancy things, but misses the mark on the essential essentials. for instance, you can’t tag accounts, locations or products.

It’s also the oldest product within the sector, then it carries a touch of legacy user experience compared to more modern tools. Some like it, while others don’t! provides it an attempt to see.

Hootsuite doesn't support Instagram stories or Instagram carousel posts in the least. you'll get to plan and publish these manually. Similarly, Hootsuite won’t allow you to post your hashtags in your first comment.

Like Sprout Social, Hootsuite doesn’t support adding locations to your Instagram posts. this is often supported in Sked, Later and Buffer.

You’re also limited to only 5 collaborators and if you would like any longer, you would like to hand over for his or her $785 per month package. Free plans leave just 3 social profiles and if you’re managing multiple clients, this is often just too restrictive. Let’s say you've got 5 clients with 3 social profiles each.

Supported Platforms:

Twitter [primary]







Tailwind started off as a Pinterest scheduling tool. I use it to manage my Pinterest account and my clients’ accounts also. because it is extremely easy to use and a lot of features that simplify the method of scheduling images. They recently introduced Instagram management also.

Tailwind offer Instagram scheduler apps for both iOS and Android devices. Theirs also a browser version. you'll use them to upload images, write captions, add hashtags and more.

To get started, check-in for an account on their website and connect your Instagram account. once you connect your account with Tailwind it'll ask you ways repeatedly you would like to post. Once you submit the small print it'll crunch your data and suggest the days to post for max engagement.

After that, you'll begin scheduling posts by either using their browser extension or by dragging images from your computer to the dashboard. After you add the image, you'll write your description and add the relevant hashtags and therefore the images are going to be added to the pre-chosen time slots. you'll schedule the Instagram images to custom times if you favour.

It even tracks hashtags to assist you to discover trending topics and to brainstorm what hashtags to use in your posts.

This feature will remind you via the app (when it's time) and you'll transfer the image, description and hashtags from Tailwind app to the Instagram app with a click and hit publish.

Using Tailwind you'll do quite just publishing and scheduling because the tool has various other features. They have detailed analytics that permits you to analyze both your profile and posts.


A powerful tool you'll use to schedule posts to Instagram is SocialReport. It comes equipped with analytics that allows you to track the performance of your posts after publication. this may assist you to find out which of your videos and photos perform best on Instagram.

social report Instagram scheduling app

SocialReport also can be wont to schedule and track posts on Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit then more. It also can be wont to schedule to blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr.

They have many other integrations and features like social inbox, social media monitoring, social automation, etc.

If you're trying to find one tool to manage not just your Instagram account, but all of your other social media also, Social Report may be a great option.


If you're trying to find a basic and affordable Instagram scheduling app which will be wont to schedule posts on other social media also, you ought to inspect Buffer.

It is the most cost-effective tool I even have listed here. But simply because they're inexpensive they don’t skimp on quality. Using Buffer you'll schedule posts to Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+.

Once your Instagram posts go live, you'll track their performance using the essential analytics. Their bigger plans allow you to track advanced statistics.

They even have their own image editing tool called Pablo. If you wish publishing quote images on Instagram you'll find it very useful.

Buffer comes with an extended list of other features.

I regularly use Buffer to manage my Twitter account as they need a really user-friendly interface. The Instagram dashboard is good too. Check their Instagram post scheduler for free of charge


Another great complete social media management tool that allows you to schedule posts to Instagram is CoSchedule. the opposite networks you'll manage with it are Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Tumblr.

It even integrates with WordPress.

Their standout feature is that the marketing calendar where your Instagram scheduled posts will appear alongside those scheduled for other networks. you'll drag and drop these posts to make sure they are going out at the proper time.

Posts also can be set to republish automatically with their ReQueue feature.

They also provide detailed analytics to ascertain how your Instagram posts are performing. inspect their Instagram scheduler for free of charge.

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