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Why is Influencer Marketing Booming in Today's Industry?

Influencer marketing is the relationship between a brand and the influencer. The influencer promotes and encourages the brand's products or services through various media outlets such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Tik-Tok. Not to be confused with celebrity endorsements, influencer marketing selling does more than just simply connecting the well-known celebrity to the brand. Influencers must be trusted figures within their niche community group. They need to retain their followers and keep a loyal audience group for their page. Additionally, they should typically possess the knowledge or experience of the relevant content which they would be promoting on their page.

Influencer Marketing grew out of celebrity marketing, celebrities have promoted products for years – for a hefty endorsement fee. Online celebrity marketing can also be known as influencer marketing. However, modern influencer marketing is so much more than a celebrity or sports star pushing the Brand image. On the other side the influencer takes a very nominal fee to promote a brand. These influencers have built a reputation for being experts in a particular niche. They might have established a successful blog on a subject have made videos for YouTube and other Digital platforms. There are some Influencers who have handled active and popular social media accounts, where they give opinions, ideas, tips, and advice related to their Interest.

At the end of the year 2016, Siddhant started with the idea of making Men's Fashion and Lifestyle Content. He later started an Instagram page to curate Menswear content. Since then, Siddhant has come a long way. His personal style got a lot of appreciation by Magazines, Local & International and various blogs.

He has now reached to greater heights in the field on influencer marketing making his place working with many luxury brands.

Facebook:-Siddhant Shah

Nikita Dhongdi is one well-known influencer in the industry with 160k followers and being verified. Apart from being a businesswoman,

Nikita is a professional Model who has worked in a digital commercial for L'Oreal and is also a trained method actor from Jeff Goldberg Studio in Bandra. She is also a trained vocalist in western music. She has also been a part of various beauty pageants across India.

Instagram:- nikitadhongdi

Facebook:- Nikita Dhongdi

Today they are not only Fashion, Lifestyle and Food Influencers. They are also successful entrepreneurs. They have an Advertising Agency - Break The Code Located in Mumbai with about 20 employees working under them.


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