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Why fake followers on Instagram are useless?

As Instagram has become prime marketing and advertising land, more brands are tempted to shop for Instagram likes (and Views, Follows, Comments, Regrams. You name it; they’re all for sale) to compete with rivals who have large followings.

What are fake followers?

Fake followers are fraudulent, automated accounts (usual bots) operating on social media platforms that have the capability to follow an enormous number of accounts and are created solely for the aim of doing so. They create fictitious traffic on one’s account and provides an impact of the massive following and reach. But it must be noted that they might cause influencers more harm than good.

Why fake followers are not so important?

The increasing trend of fraud activity within the sort of purchasing fake followers comes from the misunderstanding that the follower count is more important than the audience’s actual quality and authenticity. This is often not a case, and influencers must understand that the amount of followers is not any longer an important metric of their power.

Decreasing in Engagement

Fake Followers and likes lead to a decrease in engagement snd ruin your Instagram profile. Brands and advertisers alike have begun to value engagement rate (followers’ actions like comments, likes, and views) instead of the audience count because an honest engagement rate means a real relationship with followers which has been built slowly in a natural way. Moreover, thanks to the growing number of influencers who resort to fraud, the number of followers may not be a reputable certificate of influence.

Fake Likes won't help you to grow business.

No matter what percentage likes your posts show, paid engagement never leads to real business. Unlike real people, likes from fake followers (bots or lines of programming code) can never cause purchases or create brand loyalty. At best, they are doing little quite making your brand appear to be more popular than it actually is.

The negatives of shopping for Instagram likes far outweigh the positives. Your best bet is to grow your engagement organically, and that we have a couple of tips you'll follow to urge more Instagram likes—the right way.

Use tools to get the engagement rate of any influencer so that u will choose properly who has fake followers and who has proper one.

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