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What is SEM (Search engine marketing)

What the new word search engine marketing? You’ve heard about SEO in our previous blog “what is SEO?” ‘on page off-page SEO’ you have got the idea of how search engine optimization works and what are its benefits how it can cause your brand a positive result. Henceforth we are here to show you how search engine marketing SEM works.

SEO might require some great technical knowledge and a lot of keyword research which can be time-consuming as well. Coming on the first page of the search engine main page or on the first three pages is quite difficult as you have to do the plotting of keywords strategically but with SEM search engine marketing can be comparatively easy and can skip quite steps and will able to reach the exact target audience with the help of search engine marketing tool. Search engine marketing is a type of marketing that involves internet marketing by promoting the website to increase the visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) it is primarily paid advertising by upgrading the metadata of the website to help the crawler to search the relevant website.

What is in the SEM marketing

Search engine marketing is mainly used for paid methods of promotion. SEM works by increasing the demand of Bing, Yahoo, Google search engines through paid promotions by having the auction on the most used keywords by the target audience. SEM is most commonly used for the pay-per-click system method we also call it PPC. PPC and SEM go side by side. Running an ad campaign on the website for promoting your brand isn’t free on the search engines you have to bid for the most searched keywords according to you. How to run those ads and how to do the auction on search engine marketing we will show you in our upcoming blog stay tuned.

There are many terms used while doing the SEM the methods are basically your own strategy according to your target customer and its paid method or in layman definition its paid advertisement. First, you need to understand what terms are meant for and how does this work. For your business, it is important for you to have this knowledge and grow your business through SEM.

1. Impression – number of times your advertisement marketing campaign was visible on the screen of the target audience

2. CPC (cost-per-click) - Number of times your advertisement is been clicked.

3. CPM (cost per million impressions) – this advertisement is done just to be on the display of the search engines while the customer is doing an active search on relevant keywords.

4. CTR (click-through rate) – Number of times your website link got visited by the customers even when they have not clicked your ad link.

These are the terms and overview of search engine marketing that will help you to grow your business via website promotion by running the ad campaign on search engine platforms like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

We will let you know more about search engine marketing (SEM) in our upcoming blog stay tuned.

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