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Do Brands Rely on Influencer Marketing?

Updated: Oct 27

Did you know? Nowadays influencer marketing is making a great difference that many of the target audiences of a particular brand do follow their influencer not only on Instagram but also with the changing lifestyle of a particular influencer inspire many of the audience and rational consumer. You might not know that in the future they may change the economy of our country. The way influencers revolutionize the behaviors and make them aware of wrong and right being around the country is marvelous.

Let’s see what is meant by Influencer Marketing.

Influencer marketing is a part of social media marketing where popular content creator and content curator emerges with the new brand organization to advertise their product through any form of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and many other trending social media platforms. The mantra of this company is simple “be aware where the customer is”

To connect with their target audience, it is a genuinely right mantra for a brand to recite. As per previous history Television Advertising done by many celebrities was one of the kinds of celebrity endorsements. Now today's generation is not attracted to television nor the famous celebrities all this generation need is Binge watch on Netflix and active on social media. But due to the current situation being at home watching Netflix and other shows it is good to stay inside. Now let us come to our influencer marketing, targeting their particular audience is easy with the help of social media and analyzing the consumer behaviour for a brand. A right influencer with a huge amount of target audience is what a brand needs to invest in and henceforth spread the words to their audience with the help of influencers. There is 5 most important reason why brands rely on influencers. Let’s have quick glance.

Increase Trust among the consumers.

You might wonder how an influencer can build trust among the target audience of the brand. The reason behind this is most of the consumers believe in their references from friends and family basically they have more trust in the recommendation given by their superiors or colleagues. Influencers in the same way build trust among their followers or customer by making a video or promoting it in the daily work videos they recommend and build trust amongst the targeted audience of the brand. Which definitely makes the brand's business sale the peak.

Easiest Way to join the influencers

Influencer marketing has gained huge popularity among the influencers, the marketers are attracted towards the influencers and make them very simple to work with. The influencers are connections between the targeted customer. There are many benefits and privileges provided by influencers to the marketers. Some of the marketers discuss the growth and benefits of influencers, some filters the influences according to the need, for example, A hair fall shampoo will search and filter the best female influencer who promote and create awareness about hair beauty and health. So that shampoo brands will pick this female influencer for marketing their product. you can also see the female influencer Nikita Dhongdi who promotes the best and quality products only.

Money Makers

Will you continue to work with the agency or company that is not giving you back enough? No right. That’s why there is a reason influencers are in so high demand by the New ventures or even by the existing brand and market leaders. The firm usually gives big celebrities cricketers an endorsing the brand via TV. Providing continued promotion through the influencers can make a huge amount of sales compared to a celebrity endorsement.

A skincare company has researched and given the promotion process to Nikita Dhongdi for their advertisement which led to a big amount of sales in their company.

Nikita Dhongdi is one of the influencers and an entrepreneur who has her own Advertising agency and a beautiful model, actor, and singer. She is indeed a multitalented lady.

Content Creators

Ever wondered how this influencer gets so much audience under them and they have so much impact on each of their lives. Let’s see the YouTubers who create a video related to their audience and let them have a good day make them smile. Some of them give knowledge of what the customer wants to know. technical guruji by giving the review of all the mobiles and laptops he is giving a valuable service to the audience and through him, many mobile firms like Vivo, Samsung, Apple and many other companies have come forward to let him promote their brand on youtube as it will make a huge impact on the sale of that brand. Some companies give money to the influencer just to say positive about their brand. This is proof of how valuable an influencer can be.

Create Awareness

Who knew a small kid can have a billion the subscriber that’s right you know who am I talking about, a kid giving a review about the toys and aware the parents whether you should buy this toy or not? Is it safe enough to keep this toy around your children let them play with it? He answers all kinds of questions. So here he is creating awareness about the toy brands and letting the parents know what is safe and what is not. Toy brands and companies can make a huge amount of money by making their customer aware of their brand and the most popular and reversible way is to let influencers promote the product and create awareness about the product.

To conclude, Influencer makes a huge impact on the audience and their lifestyle on how to wear speak and do things that appropriate for their livelihood. This is where companies take advantage of and target their customer with the help of the influencer. Hence, Yes, the Brands do rely on Influencers to reach a wide amount of audience and to target the right customers. They choose the popularity and platform to create an influencer marketing.


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