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There are many types of social media application which promises you to make your job easy and on schedule with the whole planning but do they really work for you?

I guess you know the answer. So, we are here for you with the 5 Best application tools you can use for managing your social media account whether it is Tweeter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube these social media tools will help you with scheduling your post strategizing it, or even planning with your convenience. There are many different features you will come across from these 5 applications you must wait and watch this very useful and helpful application for social media. Marketers are now searching for places to promote their products to grab their attention via many advertisements but they are lacking something. Eye-catching and remarkable posts are very important for marketers as the audience spends most of the time on social media and it has been increased due to the pandemic everything is now digital. Facebook, Instagram, tweeter and their updating algorithm are giving a tough time to many of the marketers. But this application has been very helpful in every aspect so let’s begin with our 5 Best Social Media Tools for Marketers.

1. Planoly

This application is for Instagram and helps marketers to schedule their post. It is a planner for your Instagram account and how the grid will be posted on your main account. It makes your account look uniform and keeps it neat in a very systematic manner. Since it’s a paid application they allow you to take 30 days trial, if you are a marketer then this might be a good investment for you. Let’s go to our other application

2. Crello

A graphic making application crello helps everyone, by everyone I mean even if you don’t know what graphic designing is then also you can make post graphics for your product with the help of this application. Crello offers many types of template and designs in it for marketers to enhance the image of their brand

3. Fastory

Just like a name suggests it helps you with many different features and gives a solution to your problem related to social media. It not only allows to create a good post but also allows marketers to create branded content on their social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube stories. It has also introduced types of features like engaging your audience on your stories it has games, quizzes, articles, surveys, and many more feature. An application you must definitely explore.

4. Captiona

A lifesaver for all the struggling marketers who wants genuine and descriptive caption about their brand and product to introduce to the audience with all the creativity all the energy, you can just type keywords related to the picture or product it will generate the descriptive caption for you.

5. Hootsuite composer

How great it will be when you can post everywhere on every social media platform with just one single click and application right? This is exactly what Hootsuite composer does it Ables marketers to write anything on that application and it will get posted on other social media platforms as well. It allows you to send message to your audience and have a connection with them not only message it also allows you to attach the images, videos you can edit resize it or you can even add a logo to it and options to which account should it get posted.

These options are one of the best options we came across from our personal experience since we are an advertising agency and love to explore different types of applications and tools of social media which is going to help us.

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